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Steve is the creator of our unique process called Your Piece of Pie Review.  It is a transformative process to help people avoid the pitfalls and hidden obstacles when it comes to retirement planning.  Our process is repeatable, predictable and sustainable and its goal is to help people reduce taxes, to ensure that their investments last throughout retirement and to provide the retirement dream that people envisioned.  He is also the author of “Get Your Hands OFF my Piece of Pie” which helps you have more by stopping others from getting their hands on your money.  In fact, that is what motivated Steve to create his process and to help people who were being taken advantage of by the financial services industry.

Steve is the founder of Retirement Matters, Inc., an independent Registered Investment Advisor.

Steve has been assisting individuals and families since 1999 and his Private Retirement Briefings were widely attended.  Steve’s clients take great comfort in his service oriented approach to helping them identify their visions, priorities and developing strategies to pursue their unique goals.


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