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SMART Money Moves for an Abundant Retirement

This is for you SERIOUS about having more money available to spend on your lifestyle and don’t simply want to retire, but PROSPER in retirement and also PROTECT your wealth from predators and taxes.

A survey of retirees say it is a priority to have more money to spend in retirement, which is a direct contradiction to the financial industry rhetoric that says retirees need 20 to 50% less in retirement.  Retirees report wanting to do more in retirement not less!

So why do people fail to fully enjoy their money?

  • Lack of planning.
  • Poor advice
  • Wrong tools

One of the biggest reasons for this is that we are taught to deal with symptoms, rather than the real underlying problems.  Smart Money moves for an Abundant Retirement is about the real problems, both known and unknown.  The represent the biggest obstacles facing anyone who has accumulated money.

Before looking for solutions, be sure you are solving the RIGHT problems.  Also be sure you are solving ALL the problems.  Not just solving some and creating new problems.

Look at it this way – you’ve only got one shot to do this right.

After all, you only retire once.

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