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Retirement Matters, Inc. is an independent financial advisory firm that specializes in helping clients enjoy a safer and more secure retirement regardless of whether the markets cooperate or not. We accomplish this by helping our clients prepare a personalized retirement plan that includes the following five components:

  •   A Retirement INCOME plan
  •   A Retirement INVESTMENT plan
  •   A Retirement TAX MANAGEMENT plan
  •   A Retirement HEALTHCARE plan
  •   A Retirement ESTATE plan

Obviously, any plan is a work in progress. You should expect a number of things to change during your retirement: tax laws change, your income needs may change, and your health will likely change as you age. That is why we believe that REGULAR reviews are both necessary and important to ensure your continued retirement success.

We are a planning firm with a fiduciary responsibility to our clients. We learned a long time ago that we cannot be “all things to all people.” But we can be “all things to some people.” With this in mind, this is who we serve the best:

  •   Those who are either already retired or retiring soon.
  •   Those who believe in paying their “fair share” of taxes and not a penny more.
  •   Those who desire a stable and predictable retirement.
  •   Those who are focused on financial security for themselves and their loved ones.

Do you see yourself in the list above? If so, we might be a good fit for you.

In addition to the list above, we also find that the people we serve have a number of common values:

  •   They tend to be “family-focused,” but they normally aren’t sacrificing their retirement just to leave more money to their children.
  •   They are active; they like to travel, and visit the grandchildren – they’re most definitely NOT couch potatoes.
  •   They tend to be happy people who laugh a lot.
  •   They want to spend their retirement focusing on what is important to them – whether that be their families, their Passions, etc.
  •   And…they DON’T want to wake up every morning worrying about what the stock market is going to do. They have more important things to do!

Do you see yourself in the list as well? If so, you will likely find us to be exactly the financial advisory firm you’ve been looking for.

If you are “our kind of person,” then we encourage you to give us a call. Let’s get together over a cup of coffee and learn if we can help you in a significant way with your financial planning. It’s easy, and it’s free with no obligation.

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Retirement Matters