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Our Unique Process

We have a simple process to assist in determining whether or not we are a good fit for you. Throughout the process, we want you to always feel comfortable and relaxed.

We strive to be a “safe place” for you to express your concerns knowing that you will be heard and understood. We speak “plain English” and not financial jargon. We believe that if you give good information to good people, then they have the power to make good decisions.

We understand that your time is important, and don’t want to waste your time unnecessarily. Our goal is to begin to identify positive steps that you can take to address your concerns. These steps might involve recommendations for addressing an income plan, an investment plan, a tax plan, etc.

Normally, by the end of this meeting, you should have a pretty good feeling as to whether or not additional meetings with us would be helpful for you to fully address your planning concerns in a positive way.

If you feel our firm is a good fit for you and that we feel you are a good fit for us, we can then enter into a client relationship. We view this as a long-term relationship where we will be meeting with you regularly to help you monitor your plan and implement changes as appropriate.

Included in our services is an annual tax review to ensure that you are paying the lowest tax possible. This tax analysis also includes identifying IRA exit strategies that may assist you in reducing your lifetime IRA tax liabilities by thousands of dollars.

Throughout our meeting process, our main objective is to
get you started on the path to financial security.

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