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Steve Casto

Omaha Financial Advisor & President of Retirement Matters

Steve’s intent is providing holistic retirement planning and specializes in working with both retirees and pre-retirees that want to achieve a comfortable retirement. This may include strategies like a Compass Planning Review (CPR) to create significant tax reductions on retirement plans, thereby leaving more money available for enjoyment. Or it might include income optimization strategies which can potentially give 25% more income while keeping the tax liability to a minimum. The biggest challenge faced when dealing with clients is their mindset. There has to be a mindset change when a person enters retirement. They need to realize they are going from a growth and accumulation mode to an asset preservation mode.

The CPR strategy Steve Casto created and proved through successful financial planning with tons of clients over the years catapulted him into the national spotlight. He has been quoted in; USA Today, Forbes, Kiplingers, CNBC and Fox Business just to name a few. In addition to his weekly videos he does right here on this site, he conducts a Retirement Matters Event at UNOs as often as possible. This is a very fun and enjoyable event that will get you really laughing as you learn.

According to Steve Casto, “A fully integrated retirement plan must include an income plan, investment plan, tax plan, health-care plan, and estate plan. However, most people don’t have a complete plan in any one of those areas, let alone all five areas.” He further elaborates, “With pensions disappearing and recession worn portfolios, ninety percent of potential new clients’ primary concern is: ‘How do we take our accounts and use them to generate secure, inflation adjusted, sustainable income for both me and my spouses lifetime.’ Clients today seem to be more scared of running out of money than they are of dying in today’s world. However, Steve has developed his proven CPR strategies to reduce or eliminate the anxiety historically related to retirement planning. “We work in such a way that we are helping retirees reduce the tax on their investment income, sometimes below 2% and we have done that very successfully.”

Steve Casto lives just outside the Omaha area with the love of his life Kim and their joy, Katie. He loves what he does but spending time with his family is what he really likes.

Steve Casto sympathetically states his mission,

“I want to change the way Americans invest their money in retirement.”

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Retirement Matters